Contoh Spoof Text “BURNING OUT”

By | 22/07/2015

pejuang togaSelamat datang sobat Blog ERA PEMUDA semua !!!
Nah buat kalian sobat ERA PEMUDA yang mungkin masih sekolah mungkin juga enggak, dan membutuhkan suatu sampel teks spoof. Spoof text itu katanya humoris, tapi bagi yang gak tahu artinya ya gak ada humor-humornya sedikitpun, disini ane membagikan satu contoh spoof yang boleh dilihat diraba dan diterawang, monggo silakan. Berikut teks nya :

         BURNING OUT
Parto was a chef. He had a restaurant at Kotagajah. His restaurant offered or served all about barbeque.
Everyday, customers came to Parto’s restaurant. Because he had many customers, he became the rich man. But he was very low profile, not arrogant. Parto’s son was also a chef at the restaurant.
One day, a customer ordered menu, that menu was chicken barbeque. Parto asked his son to cook it. Several time after it, “Dad, come here!!!” said Parto’s Son. “what?” Replied Parto.
“Dad, our stove is off”, said Parto’s son. Parto tried to turn on the stove. But, suddenly the fire from stove blazed up the Parto’s body. Immediately, Parto’s body was burnt. Because of that, Parto passed away on the kitchen. “You are stupid Dad! You should burnt the chicken! Not your self!” said Parto’s Son. The customers came to the kitchen, “Wow, so big chicken barbeque?!?!”said Customers. “Heh, it’s my father you know!” Parto’s son replied.
(sumber : ane sendiri)

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