Contoh Hortatory Exposition “Why Should We Read?”

By | 22/07/2015

pejuang toga

Selamat datang sobat Blog ERA PEMUDA semua !!!

Nah buat kalian sobat ERA PEMUDA yang mungkin masih sekolah mungkin juga enggak, dan membutuhkan suatu sampel teks hortatory, disini ane membagikan satu contoh hortatory yang boleh dilihat diraba dan diterawang, monggo silakan. Berikut teks nya :

Reading. It’s very familiar for us. I think reading is very important. If possible, the government can make rules about obligation of reading. I say that because I have several reasons.
First, by reading we can obtain new information and news from book, magazine, newspaper, and many more.
Second, by reading we can get a lot of new knowledge. The example, we read the history books, then we will obtain the knowledge contain in the text.
Many people think reading is boring. But, by reading we can also get entertain. The example, we can be carried away with the story that we read, and then reading can fill our sparetime.
For those reason, I think that everyone should implement the culture of reading everyday. With reading we can obtain new information and news, get a lot of new knowledge, and then with reading we can also get entertain.
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